[`hymy]; noun
The finnish word
for smile.


Waking up in the morning makes me excited about what the new day has to offer.


I really enjoy dressing up as an historical soldier and listening to classical music. It lets me be who i want to be.


My happiness lies within connecting to other people and having a strong relation to god.


We love the freedom to do our own sh*t as well as enjoying ice hockey with our loved ones.

Outi & Ville 

Sharing a message with my art is the most precious gift in my life, especially when people understand and appreciate it


I enjoy nature in all its seasons, especially autumn. Watching all the small animals roaming around brings me joy, but what really makes me happy are my kids, grandchildren and my wonderful wife.


Having a good beer with friendly strangers is sometimes everything you need to be happy.


Our family & friends are a huge part of our lives and make every day a little more beautiful.

Annikki & Eveliina

Relaxed times in my summer house by the water. There I can enjoy the nature from my rowing boat.


Staying healthy and beeing able to successfully sell my fresh products on the market makes me happy.


Starting the engine of my van raises my heart everytime. I travel through Europe, finding places to surf or skate and while I’m at it, I meet the most amazing people.


Not being bound to any schedules and not having any time pressure lets me really enjoy photography and sports the way I like.


I try to increase awareness of climate change and women’s rights in developing countries. Being part of the change and sharing hope makes me happy.


My kids & my wife make every day the happiest day of my life. My twins are at the age of 3 and I am so proud when I see them growing up as such kind and wonderful persons.



„Finns are the happiest people on earth“ - At least that‘s what they say.

Hymy is a project by four German media design trainees, who want to know more about the Finnish people and what makes them happy.



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